Carpet Beetles FAQ: Learn About Carpet Beetle Infestation
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Carpet Beetles FAQ

Carpet beetles, both the Australian species (Anthrenocerus australis) as well as invasive species, are one of Melbourne's most notorious pests, with enormous damages to carpets, woolens and even foodstuff. Professional pest control will ensure a thorough removal.

Here are some of the commonest questions we get asked.

Carpet Beetle FAQs

Types of Beetles

Q. How do I recognize a carpet beetle?

The Australian species is 2-3 mm long, black and roundish. Legs are rarely visible. The varied beetle is brown, mottled with white. Larvae are 4-7 mm long, often with bristles.

Q. How many types are there?

The ones around Melbourne come in 4 kinds. Black, Varied, Common and Furniture beetles. The black one is a lot more discreet than the others and is the native Australian species.

Q. What damage do they cause?

Apart from carpets and rugs, these pests will attack woolens, skins, furs, silks as well as food grains like rye, meals like cocoa, corn and also certain spices like red peppers. Adults survive on pollen and nectar.

Q. What kinds of carpets do they infest?

These pests prefer carpets with long and thick fibers, because these are more nutritious to them, and they can hide better.

Q. When do they become a pest?

Carpet beetle adults need pollen and nectar, so they tend to come out in spring and summer. Larvae can live through the year, as they need dark, dry and warm places to thrive.

Q. Will the beetles go away in winter?

No, these insects will move inside homes, where they will mate and leave behind eggs. The larvae will overwinter, eating hair, silk, wool and other proteinaceous material.

Rice Weevil Beetle

Q. How are carpet beetles attracted to my house?

They will jump at the opportunity to come inside your home in Melbourne to a pleasant warm atmosphere and an abundance of food. The biggest attraction that these pests have to things in your house are the food particles, grains, dairy items, oily substances and the perspiration left on various parts of your home. These insects are also drawn to objects like carpets, woolens, silk, and anything made from feathers or fur as these contain animal protein. Pet food is a major attraction for carpet beetles and the females tend to lay their eggs around such constant food sources.

Q. Can the carpet beetle be harmful to humans?

They have a mouth that’s made to chew plants so the good news here is that they do not bite humans. The most harmful part of carpet beetles are the allergies they cause. Many people are allergic to the hair fibers of the insect’s body. These hair fibers from these pests can cause respiratory diseases and an eye irritation. Sometimes contact with the fibers of carpet beetles or larvae can cause a bumpy and itchy rash. carpet beetles are also known to lay their eggs near food sources in your home, which may include areas of your pantry.

Beetle Control FAQs

Q. How do I keep an infestation away?

A few simple steps will help:

  1. Vacuum all carpets and rugs regularly, including corners and under furniture
  2. Clean & sanitise all woollen clothes before putting them away in airtight bags
  3. Ensure any sources of infestation, such as cut flowers, are washed thoroughly
Carpet Beetles Control

Q. How do I eliminate these insects?

The pest is extremely hardy and versatile, so do-it-yourself methods offer you no guarantee that the infestation will be removed. It is best to call for a professional pest control service, who have extensive methods and can reach where you cannot.

Q. Do you offer guarantees?

We'll be honest and say No. . Carpet beetles are hardy, resilient pests. Though we offer a six-month warranty with a free service if there is a resurgence of the pests, only constant vigilance can keep an infestation away.

Q. Is the treatment safe?

Yes. Once the treatment is dry, it is safe to be in the house/office.

Q. How long does the treatment take?

The complete treatment for these insects can run for two weeks, and will last for about six months.

Q. How can I remove carpet beetles from my carpet?

The first thing to do to rid yourself of these annoying pests in to vacuum your carpet thoroughly along with vacuuming the areas around to ensure they are not drawn back to the carpet from other hiding places of your home. If your carpet has already been too damaged it is best to discard it completely. And the last and most essential step of ridding your carpet of these insects is to call a professional instead of depending on any DIY that might not be a thorough cleaning.

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