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Commercial Pest Control in Melbourne

Australia is home to some of the world’s most venomous spiders, a large number of ant species, cockroaches, beetles and other insects. Not only are they an irritant in your commercial premises, they are known to cause millions of dollars’ worth of damages and lost business, reduce property value, .and put you afoul of Federal (AQIS), State and City regulations. A commercial pest controller can help you keep infestations away, while keeping costs down.

Does my business need Professional pest control?

RestaurantsWe recommend that the following businesses should certainly opt for a professional pest control firm like Protech to help them out:

  1. Restaurants, Pubs, Caterers and Hotels: a single German cockroach could lead to an adverse food safety audit and lead to loss of reputation among your clients. Also, a severe infestation could put your customers and employees at risk of carrier-borne diseases, as well as destroy much of your stock.
  2. Warehouses: Pests infest and rot not only food, but some kinds can also cause damage to clothes, rugs, wires (especially insulation), medicines, paper products etc. AQIS, Victoria State and Melbourne city regulations require warehouses to keep pests under reasonable limits.
  3. Child Care, Schools, Offices and Factories: Wherever multiple people are gathered for long hours, pests like cockroaches and mice can put them in danger of communicable diseases. It also serves not to annoy employees, parents and clients.
  4. Medical and Pharmaceutical Businesses: Taking effective measures is of utmost importance to prevent cancellation of your license, as is the safeguarding the medicines under your watch from contamination.

Even if you’re not in these businesses, we still recommend taking professional help for the following reasons:

  1. Pests carry disease-causing germs, which can take a toll on your employees and customers, leading to pay-outs and lawsuits.
  2. Their presence cause damage to food, medicines, clothing, paper etc in Australia every year that worth worth millions of dollars’, much of which will not be covered by insurers.
  3. They are unsightly, and a can cause irreparable loss of reputation for businesses like hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, hospitals etc
  4. Most business premises are required under AQIS, State and Municipal laws to show a reasonable level of control to avoid fines or cancellations of licenses.

Why call Specialists in Commercial pest control?

    Commercial pest control
  1. A professional service provider like Protech pest control will know the kinds of pests, including insects, spiders and rodents, likely to infest your business premises, based on the environment around it, the construction of the building, ventilation etc
  2. Our expertise help to look in places you didn’t think of, such as the building roof, gaps in walls, basements, central heating ducts etc. Besides, they have specialised equipment that can reach where DIY sprays cannot.
  3. We deploy a wide variety of products and methods that can take care of most infestations throughout your building.
  4. We also leave behind guidance on how to prevent further infestation.
  5. Our services may seem expensive, but in the long run, they keep your overall costs down, through prevention of re-infestation, keeping your reputation intact and avoiding potential losses including fines.

Commercial Protection Plans

If your business is HACCP or AQIS certified, or aspires for one, pest control forms a critical part. Partnering with Protech pest control will help you manage your certification for HACCP/AQIS as well as compliance with Melbourne and Victoria regulations, and insurance requirements.

  1. Alongside a full service with guarantees, Protech pest control will provide you with reports as well as material safety data sheets (MSDSs), expert advice and all other appropriate documentation.
  2. You will receive Proof of Service, which is documentation that will reassure food safety inspectors that you are implementing a compliant programme with regular monitoring.
  3. Each bait station that we set up gets included in our servicing reports, which will help you sail through your AQIS/HACCP audits.
  4. Finally, we also offer you fast and dependable customer service, including answering your queries.

In brief, we carry out the following measures during each service visit:

  1. We identify the kind of pest (cockroaches, beetles, spiders, ants, rodents, termites etc), and therefore be able to identify their refuges, nests, webs etc
  2. We always carry out effective & permanent methods to block such refuges as well as entry points from outside the building.
  3. Once blocked, we apply appropriate methods, including:
    1. Pesticide dusts to cavities, roof spaces, basements, heating rooms etc;
    2. Child- and pet-safe chemical sprays under sinks, near lights etc
    3. Long-lasting sprays in outdoor locations such as eaves, letterboxes, potted plants
    4. Physical removal of webs, nesting material, debris etc followed by sanitisation
  4. We are also aware of methods and chemicals to use to exterminate adult pests as well as eggs, larvae and nymphs.
  5. Finally, we make sure to provide you best advice to proof your home against further infestation.

About Protech pest Commercial

    HACCP Cert exp
  1. With over two decades of experience, Protech pest control is one of Melbourne’s most trusted service providers for businesses and homes alike.
  2. Our technicians have received comprehensive training in all aspects of pest control, and undergo regular skill upgrades.
  3. Our technicians hold a treasure trove of knowledge in pest management, borne out of both experience and education, such as identification of different species, their ecology and physiology.
  4. All our professionals have nationally recognised qualifications, especially in HACCP compliance and are well-versed in safety techniques, and will help you and your employees in staying safe and keeping your premises pest-free.
  5. Our customised plans suit different kinds of businesses, including special plans for food-related businesses.
  6. We include a six-month warranty, including free service visits in case of re-infestations in the warranty period.

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When you hire Protech pest control, we first inspect your house and its surroundings for the species of pest and their shelters. We will then exterminate the pests using traps as well as chemical methods, clean out webs/nests and recommend other actions you need to take.

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