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Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection for Residential Properties

Inspect before you purchase!

A pre-purchase property inspection for pests is one of the most essential aspects to be taken care off before you zero-in on a property. No matter how good the credentials and reviews, getting a prospective property certified by experts is always recommended.

Protech Pest Property Pre-Purchase

medium-termite-damageWe conduct a thorough property pre-purchase inspection which takes approximately 2 hours. Post the inspection, we give you a complete report on the status of the property with reliable ratings. These inspections come at a nominal rate and are a good value for money especially if you end up buying the property. It will also give you peace of mind as the pest issues are taken care of well in advance.

What do we do?

In a property pre-purchase inspection we:

  • Report findings on termite infestations from the past, live activity and conditions that may be conducive to termite damage in future
  • Check for wood rot and rate the timber health across the property including the fences, trees, stumps, landscaping etc.
  • Monitor roof voids and vents for rodents
  • Look for moulds, wood borers and decay
  • Examine the heating ducts and wiring in the property for any damage caused by pests

Why call Protech Pest Control?

inspectionoutsidehomeWe have over 26 years of experience in pest control in Melbourne and we have all the certifications required to carry out this inspection. Our reports are so comprehensive and reliable that you don't need to think any further about the pests. In fact, we recommend your presence while we conduct a property pre-purchase inspection so that you get to know the property more intimately pest-wise and take a decision accordingly.

 Why Us
Termites are Australia's Largest Natural Disaster!
  • Over 25 years experience in Pre & Post Construction Termite Services.
  • Latest in Technology & Products
  • Our technicians are all licensed by the Health Department
  • Members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
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