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Rat Control in Melbourne

Seldom seen, often heard. A gnawing menace on the go.

Rat Control MelbourneYou hardly ever see this pest but you can always be sure of its presence somewhere in your vicinity. Rats often hide in the holes underground, in burrows or any place that is close to some water supply. They are very common in filthy places like garbage dumps, sewage plants, dumping grounds of food industries, backyards etc. where food is abundant.

Types of Rats in Melbourne

Rat Pest ControlTwo types are common in Australia - the roof rat and the sewer rat.

The roof rats the most common in Melbourne are often found on the roof voids and wall cavities of the house. They survive on fruits from the nearby plants and are most active between dusk to dawn. They are known to be discrete and rarely venture into houses and other commercial places.

It’s the sewer rats that are considered to be worse as they live in the drains and feed on anything and everything they can get their hands on. They are generally active at night but can sometimes be spotted during the day too when their population is unusually high.

Rat Control in Melbourne

Rat PopulationRats have to gnaw on substances compulsively to keep their incisors from growing. It is this nature of theirs that makes them the most dangerous pest as they tend to gnaw on wires of all kinds. This damages the electrical connections and leads to other hazards like nasty house fires. It’s often the electricians and other handy men who report the signs of a rat’s presence. When they do, make sure you take immediate action by calling the experts

Rats are the worst carriers of deadly diseases as they scurry around the dirtiest of places. Hence, it is important to keep them well out of your home especially the sewer type. 

All the rat control treatments are non-invasive. Which means they do not affect your family or pets in anyway and neither do they harm any other native animals like the possums, birds etc.

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