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Residential Pest Control

Residential Are insects and rodents the unwanted roommates in your house?

Are your children's health compromised by uninvited insect guests?

Is your fun and upbeat pet hassled by unfriendly pests?

Truth is, we're all brave until a cockroach comes crawling into the house.

Protect your home with Domestic Pest Control

If you're stressed by the infiltration of pests at your residence then it's time to put your worries at bay with Protech's state of the art, expert pest control services.

We understand that every household is unique with different needs and preferences that's why we offer customized plans tailor made for the needs of your home. With our extensive research and 26 years of practical experience, we take great pride in being in tune with the latest technologies in insect and pest extermination and removal.

While we're at it, we take into consideration the small yet important details like your fears, your children's safety, your pet's health and your green surroundings.

What to expect when you're expecting (Us)

When you give us a call, a certified technician comes to your for a domestic inspection of the problem. Once he has found the extent of the infestation, he performs a primary round of pest control i.e. blocking the windows, holes in the walls, vents etc. with non-invasive and basic treatments. He then gives you a customized plan and a quote.

Once you give us a go ahead sign, our certified team of experts come to your house for a complete treatment of the pests concerned. We generally ask you to stay away from your premises for 2-hours after the treatment while is a great opportunity for you to take a break and spend some quality time with your loved ones while we create a perfect insect and pest free residence for you. If you have children and pets at home, no problem! We can stretch the safety net and ask you to remain away for 4-hours.

Because for you, heath and safety is key

Making a house a home is done with love and care and we uphold the kind of time and effort that you have put into the little things that has helped you create your dream one.

Hence our priority is you and your family. That's why we use the latest technologies and have developed effective biodegradable and environment friendly ways to get rid of pests. Thus, ensuring that your residence is pest free and no harm comes to your health.

Get the best for your home

With over 26 years of experience in domestic pest control and management in and around Melbourne, our expertise lies in understanding of the nature of pests and insects built through extensive research and study. Using this we have developed key strategies for pest control specific to each kind of pest and customized according to the needs of your home.

Not so fun facts about insects

  • Bees:A queen bee can sting a person multiple times resulting in fatal effects.
  • Wasps:Wasps build hives even in the nooks and crannies of the house making them impossible to find and difficult to get rid of
  • Ants:There are over 200 species of fungus growing ants!
  • Rodents:Rodents are really hard to keep out. They can squeeze through small holes even those that are no larger that a quarter inch square.
  • Cockroaches:If a cockroaches mark their home territory with their feces.
  • Possums:These nocturnal animals have 50 teeth, more than any other mammal!
  • Termites:Termites need no sleep! What's worse, they're the most common pest and cause the most damage to structures.
  • Spiders:there are over a 100 species of spiders that mimic and look like ants!
Still looking for the reason to call us?

Our handpicked formulations and baits are least harmful to your family and surroundings and yet effective enough to get rid of them completely. What's more, in case they return during the warranty period, so do we for free! So if you need assistance in getting rid of pests, give us a call on 1300 780 980.

 Why Us
Termites are Australia's Largest Natural Disaster!
  • Over 25 years experience in Pre & Post Construction Termite Services.
  • Latest in Technology & Products
  • Our technicians are all licensed by the Health Department
  • Members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
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