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Bee Hives Removal in Melbourne

Removal of Bee Hives in Melbourne

Why are Bees Dangerous?

Native Ones BeesThere are generally two types of bees in Australia the native ones and the ones imported from Europe. The former are generally safe if, not tampered with, while the European ones can get very aggressive, and it is important to remove a bee hive professionally to avoid danger of a collective attack which can be fatal. It is incredible how resourceful bees can be and what places they choose to make a hive. There have been reports of bees being found in dryer vents through which they entered the house and posed a danger for the family. If you get stung by one or two, it is usually harmless, but if you are attacked by a large number of them, an allergic reaction can lead to suffocation and death.

Why Call Us?

Bee Hives RemovalThere is a myriad of websites out there offering DIY information and step-by-step guides on how to remove a hive on your own. However, most of the people do not have the necessary protective equipment at home neither they know how to avoid agitation of the bees while removing the hive. That is why calling a professional to do this dangerous job for you is the cleverest option. Companies that offer bee removal service in Melbourne are numerous, but our employees are the best for the job.

Why? Firstly, they undergo a year-long course from TAFE, alongside attending many in-house training sessions and workshops. Furthermore, we have over 26 years of experience in pest control in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We are a company you can trust because we have performed thousands of jobs successfully using eco-friendly technologies that really work. If you spot a bee hive in the vicinity of your home, we will come to you on the same day because we know how crucial it is to remove it as soon as possible.

How Do We Perform the Bee Removal Process ?

Remove a HiveThere are several steps we take in order to remove the hive that is a threat to you and your family. First of all, many of our customers do not know where the hive is; they only notice a large number of these insects flying around or even inside the house. That being said, do not look away if you see hundreds of bees in your garden the hive is most certainly somewhere close, so call us at 1300 780 980 at once, do not wait for the disaster to struck.

The first step is locating the hive. We bring with us all that are needed for a successful removal, including protective clothing, chemicals and other equipment. Once detected, our skilled technicians then approach the problem, with the highest standards of safety, eco-friendliness and effectiveness and give you the peace of mind. 

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