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Protech Pest Mission & Value


Our Team

We are a group of well-qualified pest control experts who are passionate about what we do. We believe in being responsible our work and hence we ensure that all are certifications are up-to-date. We inspire each other when it comes to professionalism and support each other with our knack for knowledge sharing. Our common curiosity about various pests, their control and the passion for keeping Melbourne pest-free makes us a well-knit team of cheerful experts.


Our Mission

The foremost mission of Protech Pest is to ensure your peace of mind with providing the best pest control services in Melbourne. We understand our role in the community and are forever ready to tackle any kind of pest infestation- be it residential or commercial. Our aim is to get rid of the pests without causing any harm to the environment, your family and the fauna of Melbourne. Our responsibility does not stop at controlling the pests. It extends to the sound usage of correct pesticides as per the Australian Standards.


Our Values

When it comes to controlling pests, virtues like patience, tolerance, empathy towards our clients and discipline in carrying out pest control measures is of utmost importance. Being a pest control inspector is very easy but it requires skill and hard work to be an expert over the years. We at Protech Pest believe in responsible pest control services that don't just get rid of the pests but also make sure that the pests remain well out of your way. We strongly follow what we believe in and make certain that all our co-workers are also inducted in this value system

 Why Us
Termites are Australia's Largest Natural Disaster!
  • Over 25 years experience in Pre & Post Construction Termite Services.
  • Latest in Technology & Products
  • Our technicians are all licensed by the Health Department
  • Members of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
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