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Dear Melbourner,

If you’re on this page right now, it’s likely you’re looking for someone to get rid of an infestation you’ve got. You’ve come to the right place - Protech Pest Control Melbourne. We offer you one of the most experienced and professional insect exterminators in Melbourne, serving both homes and businesses. Our pest removal agents have several years of experience between them, and all the appropriate licenses required by the authorities in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. Our pest removal services cover effective elimination of infestations by spiders, fleas, rodents, cockroaches, possums, bed bugs, silverfish, borers, ants, moths, ticks, bees, wasps and most of all, termites.

Call us for a free inspection and instant estimate for Anywhere-in-Melbourne Pest Control on 1300 780 980.

Nope, my home’s good. Would I need pest inspections?

Constant pest inspection is the key to eradicating pest infestations of any kind. Here is just some of the damage pests cause every year in Melbourne:

  1. Fleas and ticks spread diseases among your pets.
  2. Spider, wasp and bee stings are painful and allergenic.
  3. Possums, termites, borers, silverfish and rodents damage books, furniture and walls.
  4. Several kinds of insects are carriers of dangerous germs.

Whether minor or major, in Melbourne pest control is not worth neglecting, lest you end up paying hundreds of dollars in damages and fines, apart from losing insurance protection.

So why should I call Protech Pest Control?

Here are some reasons why:

  1. 26 years of experience in insect and rodent control.
  2. Pest extermination experts certified by HACCP.
  3. Same day service anywhere in Melbourne and suburbs.
  4. Affordable prices with no hidden charges.
  5. Environmentally responsible methods.
  6. Authorised child- and pet-safe pesticides.

Our Promise To You!

Protech Pest Control is a customer-focused organization and is 100% committed to providing you with the best experience possible when it comes to treating your property and making your home or business a safe, clean and pest FREE, place to live and work in.

Are you the Best Pest Exterminator Melbourne has to offer?

Types of PestWell, here’s how we carry our pest inspection, extermination and control, and you can decide for yourself:

  1. We take the time to understand your needs and deploy pest control methods appropriate for your residential or commercial/business property.
  2. We aim to build long-term relationships through our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  3. We ask for your feedback, and implement continuous improvement processes.
  4. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our emphasis on certifications, training and continuing education.

At Protech Pest Control we strive to promote awareness of pests and the harm they cause, education about sustainable yet effective methods and ongoing training for our staff throughout the year. Our mission is to serve your needs with honesty, integrity and professionalism, while offering affordable prices.

Can I believe you are Pest Control Specialists??

With our experience of over 26 years in eliminating all kinds of insects and pest, in all kinds of tricky situations, in all seasons, indoors or outdoors, we think – yes!

To prove our point, we offer a Pest Free Guarantee – after a visit from our technicians, you can be sure of no unwanted guests for a few months.

Here are a few testimonials from customers:

Just wanted to say fantastic service from start to finish. Great contact from staff and answered all questions I had. Would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks heaps.. A big thanks to Theresa for putting it all together for me.

- Ben Johnson

It not often that you come across such a professional and customer focused service. They took the time to explain why we had the issue, what needed to be done, and had everything needed to solve the problem on hand. Prompt service, more than competitive pricing, and even handed all of the kids questions. Thanks guys, great work.

- John Connell

It’s 2023 – Surely Pest Control Costs a Lot

It’s certainly a lot cheaper than losing your home to termites, coming down with infections or paying the vets’ bills! Not to mention municipal fines, the loss of insurance, the depreciation of property and annoyed neighbours!

Nevertheless, we offer affordable packages for both residential and commercial property, including inspections, exterminations, advisory, follow-ups and emergency calls. Call us for a free inspection and instant estimate for Anywhere-in-Melbourne Pest Control on 1300 780 980.

Can I get a Special Discount?

No information on their site wrt discounts.

Do you service my part of Melbourne?

And every other part of Melbourne and its suburbs. We deliver instant, doorstep service whenever you call us. When it comes to Pest Control Melbourne gets the best service from us. We only make one request – please give us the right directions so we can reach the fastest!

Do I really need Professional Pest Control?

We know that D-I-Ys and home remedies are tempting, but many of these methods either do not work or keep pests at bay for too long. A professional pest exterminator not only does a more thorough job (by reaching where pests reach but you didn’t think of), but also knows where to look, and what to do to stop them from coming again. Plus, our pest control agents give you valuable advice that could save you huge home repair or hospital bills.

Here are some more reasons to call in a professional:

  1. We know the biology of the pests.
  2. We have the right equipment and safety measures.
  3. We have the right chemicals that are safe and effective.
  4. We know the right solutions for specific pests.

Why is Protech Pest Control good for my Property?

With 26 years of experience and HACCP-certified Pest Control Specialists, we have a time-tested approach to exterminating and preventing all types of Melbourne pests and insects. We have gained Melbourne’s trust over the years with our seven-fold approach to pest control:

  1. Thorough pest inspection of your residential and/or commercial property.
  2. Understanding the pest’s biology and movements – whether crawling, flying or burrowing into walls or under floors.
  3. Evaluating the extent of infestation and the impending danger to your health and home.
  4. Suggesting the right methods and being transparent with costs.
  5. Executing the methods to the highest of standards.
  6. Ensuring no reinfestation for the next six months.
  7. Giving you the right advice to prevent pests bothering you again.

Okay, so Melbourne trusts you. What do you offer me?

You name the pest, and we have a solution to get it out of your house forever. General pest control, removing a specific insect infestation or seasonal pest control, Protech technicians takes care of them all.

  1. Restaurant pest control? We have it.
  2. Domestic pest control? Ditto.
  3. Pre-purchase pest inspection? Tick.
  4. Emergency pest control services? Yes.
  5. Same day pest control? You have it, mate

Cool. What pest infestations can you exterminate?

Our specialists are trained in:

  1. Ant control
  2. Bed Bugs Control
  3. Spider Control
  4. Bee Control
  5. Fly control
  6. Lice control
  7. Rodent control
  8. Carpet Beetle Control
  9. Flea Control
  10. Cockroach Control
  11. Mosquito control
  12. Silverfish control
  13. Wasp control and wasp nest removals
  14. Woodworm treatments
  15. Termite control and regular inspections for termite infection
  16. Tick extermination

So, what’s your Pest Control Methodology?

Here’s how we make sure pests are exterminated and never come back, and you are totally satisfied:

    Pest Control
  1. Pest Inspection: We give your house or business premises a thorough look-over, including the kinds of places you’d never imagined. This is because we know the biology of every single pest infesting Melbourne.
  2. Preparing the Property: We make sure your valuables are kept safe, and infested furniture moved away. We give you the right advice to keep your pets and children safe (like sending them to stay with a neighbour).
  3. Selection of Method: We make sure that the right method is selected, based on the severity of infestation. This may range from traps to chemical spraying to destruction of termite-infested furniture.
  4. Total Transparency: Before we execute, we advise you of the complete costs. No hidden fees or charges.
  5. Thorough Execution: The method is deployed by our trained professionals till every last vestige of the pest infection is removed.
  6. Post-Treatment Visits: We make sure of no recurrence of the pest (you may not realise) by making a post-treatment visit after a month, totally free of cost.
  7. Free Re-infestation Treatment: In case the infestation recurs despite our best efforts, we offer you a full treatment completely free of cost.

Spider Pest Control

From a pest control point of view, Melbourne’s spider pests (also called arachnids) can be divided into two types, web-makers and hunters.

Spider Pest Control


  1. Redbacks: Small, pea-shaped creatures with a venomous bite. They will nest in rubbish, furniture, children’s toys and potted plants.
  2. Orb-weavers: These arachnids tend to build sticky webs in gardens, and under eaves and around windows.


  1. White Tails: Dark grey creatures with a white spot at the end. It lurks under furniture and may be present on clothes brought in from the line.
  2. Huntsmen: Large animals that are aggressive if provoked.
  3. Brown Trapdoors: Garden varieties that make burrows. Rarely enter homes.

When you hire Protech Pest Control, we first inspect your house and its surroundings for the species of spider and their shelters. We will then exterminate the pests using traps as well as chemical methods, clean out webs and recommend other actions you need to take. With arachnids however, there are no permanent methods, so we cannot offer a guarantee. Call us from anywhere in Melbourne on 1300 780 980.

Flea Extermination

If you are renting property, you might want to consider whether the previous tenants had pets. They might leave behind fleas, which can affect your own pets and cause allergic rashes and itches. ProTech Pest Control can carry out thorough fumigation of your home or office, not leaving out a single nook or cranny. Our chemicals are child- and pet-safe.

If the previous tenant or the landlord did not carry out pest control after vacating, do consider giving us a call - 1300 780 980.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice clearly cause a lot more problems than you think. Not only do they terrorise children and pets, they spread dangerous diseases like the plague, and rabies, and can bring in other germs that spoil food. Rodents can damage wooden furniture and walls with their gnawing, and they also make way for other pests to come in. And so, you will have to battle with caution.

ProTech Pest Control can help you get rid of rodents by setting traps and baits with methods not commonly available to non-professionals. Our technicians also give advice on what to do before and after the pest control operation.

Controlling Cockroaches

Cockroach controlCockroaches form one of Melbourne’s major pests, adapting to live practically anywhere - sewage pipes, inside kitchen cupboards, in cracks in walls, electrical ducts, etc. They are invasive species, and get everywhere and into everything. Extremely hardy, cockroaches adapt well to residential or commercial properties, and will eat anything organic, including rotten food and electrical insulation.

Cockroaches contaminate everything they touch with their excreta, which can trigger food poisoning and allergies. As cockroaches moult several times as they grow, their discarded skin can trigger severe allergies including asthma. Cockroaches lay eggs on foods, and can spread throughout a community quickly, triggering an epidemic. A single cockroach noticed in your house will cause its value to plummet.

When you hire Protech Pest Control, we first inspect your house and its surroundings for the species of roach and their shelters. We will then exterminate the pests using chemical and non-chemical methods, clean out droppings, eggs and skin, sanitise all possible roach refuges and recommend other actions you need to take We provide a full-service warranty of upto a year, so you get a free service if the insects are back.

Call us from anywhere in Melbourne on 1300 780 980.

Extermination of Silverfish

Although not carriers of diseases, silverfish are an economically significant pest, in homes, offices and businesses alike. They prefer dark places like the crevices in bookshelves, cupboards and wardrobes, and eat cloth, paper, wood etc.

Call us from anywhere in Melbourne on 1300 780 980 for a thorough fumigation and follow-up.

Borer Extermination

Borer beetles 'bore' holes in wood and use its porous nature to their advantage. Often you may not even know you are running the threat of an infestation until it is too late – when you end up paying a huge price in repairs of walls or replacement of furniture. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Round or oval holes with sharp edges in the wood
  • Wood starts to crumble easily
  • Development of tunnels in the wood
  • Flimsy or damaged wood especially floorboards, roofs, etc
  • Fine dust also known as 'bore dust' caused by adult beetles emerging from the holes.

It is best advised that you get ProTech’s professional pest exterminators to tackle the infestation as we will be able to identify the type of borer beetle and the treatment that needs to be used on them, such as

  • water-based treatment, which is child- and pet-safe;
  • Chemical fumigation for severe infestations; and,
  • Entotherm heat treatment, which is okay for early stages.

Ant Control in Melbourne

Ant controlAnts are among Australia’s most amazing natural wonders, but you perhaps know them as the efficient armies that raid your kitchen and prove to be an ineradicable pest. Ants can nest easily in cracks in walls, air-conditioning or heating ducts, roof spaces or in electrical boxes. They can claw holes in A/C ducts, electrical wiring, appliance cables, telephone wires etc. Ants can contaminate food containers, baby bottles, bags of flour etc, apart from leaving behind the germs they’ve picked up from elsewhere. Ant-infested food can only be thrown away. Ants nesting in gardens and under your house cause soil subsidence. Finally, ants in your house trigger a drastic drop in property value.

Call us from anywhere in Melbourne on 1300 780 980, and we’ll first inspect your house and its surroundings for the source of infestation. We will then uproot it with effective and eco-friendly pesticides, alongside eliminating foraging ants with effective ant baits. We provide a full-service warranty of up to a year, so you get a free service if the insects are back.

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