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Property Pre Purchase Pest Inspections


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Property pre-purchase inspections are conducted to know if the prospective property is free of termite attacks or not. This should ideally be one of the most common inspections around Melbourne given that almost 90% of the property here is made of timber. But it a surprise that not everyone who is looking at buying a pre-owned house opts for this inspection. Isn't it strange? Would you buy a pre-owned car without testing it for mechanical faults? Then why would you invest so much money on a property without knowing if its core is healthy or not?

Why Pre-Purchase Inspection?

crawlspace-waterline-insulationAlthough every house owner is very particular about protecting their house, some houses do come with a damaged timber or a termite infestation. This may be due to negligence or sheer ignorance. But one which could prove very costly if it goes unnoticed. If you end up buying such a house without a prior property pre-purchase inspection, you might end up spending a humongous amount on the repairs and damages.

All our inspections meet the Australian Standards and are carried out by accredited termite inspectors. Our inspection reports give a detailed report of the termite activity of the property. Whether there was a termite infestation in the past, whether it is live or whether there are any conditions conducive to a termite attack in future. The Protech Pre-Purchase report gives you an insight into the true value of the property.

So if you are planning on buying a pre-owned house, don't forget to call us!

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Termites are Australia's Largest Natural Disaster!
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