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Possum Control Melbourne

'Cute' may not always be safe!

Possums Pest ControlAlthough some might call this rodent-like creature 'cute', they are not really safe to hang around with - be it in your house or your surroundings. Possum control was not really considered a proper pest control service until recently. Their sudden increase in population has pushed them to seek shelter in rooftops, ceiling voids etc. due to lack of suitable habitat or rather the free availability of food. They generally feed on garden plants, popular flower plants and fruit trees.

Possum Removal in your house

Possums Control MelbourneOnce inside your house, they gnaw on anything and everything they can get their hands on and that includes the cables and wires too. If this happens, it can be particularly dangerous as the innocent gnawing may lead to short circuits or worse - nasty house fires. Since they are small and dark, identifying their presence might also be difficult until it's too late.

Why are possums considered as a pest?

Possums can also be a threat to your pets. Being the carriers of fleas and ticks, they can spread deadly diseases. Some of them are also aggressive in nature and could get into dirty fights with your pets. If they accidently urinates near your main water source, your water supply may also get contaminated. This is one of the main reasons why one needs to be very careful about this pest.

Why Protech?

Possums are a protected species and hence it is mandatory that they be released in the open without harm with the aid of a professional pest experts. If a possum is trapped somewhere in your house and you know it for sure, you can leave your vents open for it to escape on its own. They generally make noise at night and are quiet during the day. So if you find your sleep getting affected due to a scratchy irritating sound repeatedly, it's time to call us now on 1300 780 980.

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