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Carpet Beetles Pest Control in Melbourne

Ever experienced the horror of taking out your woollens as winter approaches, to find them ridden with tiny holes? You've just been hit by carpet beetles, one of the country's most notorious pests. It causes millions of dollars' worth of damages to carpets, woollens and other animal products every year. A carpet beetle infestation is often severe and requires professional pest control.

What carpet beetles will attack?

A versatile pest, the Australian carpet beetle will attack:

Carpet Beetle
  1. Wool carpets and other wool products, fur, skins, hair, and silk
  2. Linen, cotton, and synthetic fabrics if there are food stains on these fabrics
  3. Occasionally, they may also infest cereals, nuts, meal/flour, Indian corn, and spices like red pepper
  4. Carpet beetle larvae are voracious eaters, and may even infest museum collections, such as stuffed animals or pinned insects

Most of the damage is caused by larvae, while adults prefer nectar and pollen from flowers. Things kept in dark and dry places, such as wool cupboards, basement storage etc are particularly vulnerable to these pests. The infestation may go unnoticed for months, causing damage to furniture, clothing and food.

All about carpet beetles

All carpet beetle species have a complete life cycle - egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Life of Carpet Beetle
  1. Eggs: You can find carpet beetle eggs in lint and clothing, under floorboards, in wall cracks and wherever it is dark and free from predators. Eggs are laid in batches of up to 100, and may take 1-3 weeks to hatch.
  2. Larvae: Carpet beetle larvae are voracious eaters, and are the most terrible form of the pest. Larvae take about 3-6 months to grow, and will moult several times, leaving behind the scaly exoskeleton among your clothes. About 4-7 mm long, they can be hard to detect. Larvae can survive in ventilation/heating ducts, under floorboards, inside upholstered furniture etc apart from clothing.
  3. Pupae: These take 6-24 days to develop, in dark places, clinging to clothes, under sofas etc.
  4. Adults: 2-3 mm long, black, with small round bodies. Not an indoor pest, but infest gardens and yards, where they are responsible for ruining ornamental plants.

Signs that confirm the presence of carpet beetles include:

  1. Damaged materials, especially clothing
  2. Larval droppings, which look sand like
  3. Bristly, cast-off larval skins

Steps for pest control of carpet beetles

  1. Inspection of vulnerable areas, such as dark rooms, under heavy furniture, behind wardrobes, roof void, insulation, ducts etc
  2. Thorough vacuuming of the area infested to remove droppings, skin, pupae etc
  3. Application of carpet beetle-specific insecticides including surface sprays, space sprays and dusts to the areas infested
  4. Follow up treatments to ensure removal of any residual presence

Preventing carpet beetle infestation

Ensure your home or office stays beetle-free with the following steps:

Pest control service
  1. Thoroughly vacuum-clean all your carpets, rugs, drapes, sofa furnishings etc regularly
  2. Pay particular attention to areas covered by furniture (e.g. under wardrobes), carpet edges & corners where dust, hair, skin etc can accumulate (allowing larvae to feed)
  3. Wash out cut flowers from the garden, since that is one way for adult beetles to come indoors
  4. When storing clothes going out of season (like woollens in spring), make sure to clean them, sanitise them and stored in airtight bags
  5. Remove abandoned bird nests from your house, as these are excellent harbours for adults and larvae

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