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Pest Inspection in Melbourne

A sneak-peek into what lays ahead pest-wise.

A pest inspection is an assessment of a property by a pest control expert on the timber with which the property is made of and any termite activity whatsoever. When you call for pest inspection, depending on the kind of inspection, you are asked to choose from the following:


  1. Termite Inspection - Our experts only look for termite activity in and around the property. This could be a live infestation, potential signs and maybe a history of termite infestation.
  2. Building Inspection - This includes the inspection of an entire building which includes the interior and exterior walls, roof void, sub-floors etc.
  3. Property Pre-Sale - When a property goes up for sale, it is thoroughly assessed for pests by a reliable pest control expert arranged by the owner to determine the right value of the property in the market.
  4. Property Pre-Purchase - Before buying a property, pest inspections are carried out by buyers to ensure that the property is sound in and out and preferably pest-free.

Protech Pest Inspections include only an inspection session post which you are provided with a comprehensive, detailed and lucid report. This report covers everything from the kind of inspections carried out, instruments used, places where infestations were found to suggestive recommendations on what should be done next. These pest inspections do not include any pest control measures.


A Protech Pest Inspection report of a property is of great value as it allows the sellers, prospective buyers, builders, real-estate agents etc. to assess the true value of a property. This is of great importance as a property heavily infested with termites is as good as a curse as one has to spend thousands of dollars to get rid of the termites completely followed by another thousands for renovating the house.

The timber health of a property is also crucial. It is very difficult to peek into the insides of the timber and find out what is happening there. A property may be perfect to look at but if the timbers are rotting away from the inside, again a big hole in the pocket is assured. To find out about the timber health, some experts use advanced tools which really helps to find the core nature of the property.

So if you are planning on buying or selling a property, make sure you call us on 1300 780 980 and ask for the right details before taking the next big step.

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