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Cockroach Pest Control

They will outlive you, only if you let them!

Cockroach Control MelbourneCockroaches! The one insect that makes people scream with fear, disgust and are surprisingly, not always harmful. In Australia, two types of cockroaches are common. The native cockroach which have many sub-species and the German cockroach. Among the natives, not all of them are classified as pests. The German variety is definitely a pest as they live and breed in kitchens.

Thry are generally found in small crevices, behind electrical appliances from where they can gain access to the food in the house easily. They are attracted to food and water and make their appearance only at night or when it's dark. If you find them scourging around your house during the day, it's a clear indication that their infestation has reached its peak.

Why are cockroaches considered as pests?

Cockroach in a KitchenCockroaches not only infect the food but they also contaminate it with their excreta. Since they prefer living and proliferating in the kitchen, you need to be doubly alert after you first spot them. They are known to cause food-poisoning and other deadly diseases.

Why Cockroach Control?

InfestationCockroaches are also known to live in dusty and uninhabited spaces of the house- like unused cabinets, the attic etc. So it is very essential that you carry out a thorough cleaning of your house on a regular basis. DIY control methods are very popular among the masses but, sadly, the cockroaches are known to adapt to these chemicals and survive.

As they say that the cockroaches outlived the dinosaurs. This would also be one of the main reasons why you should opt for a proper cockroach pest control over DIY solutions. Cockroach pest control is known to be very effective, as the pesticides used to exterminate them are chosen as per the infestation, the current-climatic conditions and the type of species. Also, although cockroaches put up a good fight for survival, once they succumb to the treatments they do not really re-proliferate quickly. Hence one session of cockroach control in Melbourne may sometimes prove to be enough for the long-lasting peace of your mind.Call us on 1300 780 980

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