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Bee Control in Melbourne

Safe when native, harmful when introduced.

Bee Control MelbourneBees in Australia are of two types - native and introduced.

The native ones are generally safe and beneficial in terms of honey and wax production. But it's the introduced European species that can be a real threat. They come in hordes especially in warmer temperatures and can end up building huge, scary hives inside your chimneys, walls or vents.

If you see them coming in and out from somewhere in your house and their appearances become frequent, you can be sure that they are scouting for a place. They could either be building their next new home or they are just planning on reclaiming an old abandoned hive that wasn't removed completely.

Why are bees considered as a pest?

Harmful to FamilyBees can be harmful to both your family members and pets alike as their stings can lead to dire consequences depending on the frequency of the attack. The stings can range from minor pains to severe allergic reactions. If only 1 or 2 of them sting at a time, you can get away with some commonly known home treatments. But when a swarm attacks, the reaction can be fatal.

Why Control?

Always remember if a drone or a worker bee attacks, you can still get away but if a queen bee attacks, which is rare and you attack it back, you are in a serious trouble. There is no way of knowing which bee stung, so it's better to seek help from professionals before one sting leads to many.

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Also, getting rid of them on your own is next to impossible as their hives are usually in high places and very intricate in nature. The best way of exterminating them completely is to introduce non-hazardous bee removal treatments deep into the hive. So next time you spot a few honey bees scrutinizing your vicinity, be prompt and call us on 1300 780 980.

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