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Ant Control in Melbourne

Harmless in small clusters, dangerous in large armies.

Protech Pest - Ant ControlThese little creatures need no introduction! Found almost everywhere, they tend to show up on your dining table or around your kitchen appliances every time you forget to clean thoroughly. They are harmless when they are found in small clusters of 2-3 at a time. But if these creatures have a nest somewhere in your house or in your premises, you are in trouble. A long thick row of ants marching on your walls, from some crevices or along your appliances is the first sign that their nest maybe present somewhere close by.

Why are ants considered as pests?

Ant Pest ControlAnt nests lead to rapid invasion in and around your house. The first thing that gets affected is the quality of food hygiene in your house. They are highly attracted to sugar and protein rich foods. And once they find the source of their bliss, you can expect a visit from them almost every day. Ants also tend to build their nests inside crevices, holes, old wooden furniture etc. When this kind of infestation happens, your property value goes down drastically.

Why Ant Control?

Ant Control MelbourneHence, it is very essential that you opt for a pest experts for a thorough extermination. Although a lot of people keep an ant spray handy for those small clusters, nothing beats a complete and professional ant control experts. When you hire a professional for their control, they first inspect your house and your surroundings for ant nests. Once they have found the source of infestation they uproot it with effective and eco-friendly pesticides. Some secondary measures are also carried out to get rid of the ants that have strayed far from their nests.

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Ant pest control is usually a yearly preventive activity. In case the ants reoccur during the year, you can be sure that your pest control services will take care of it for free as guaranties and warranties are a part and parcel of every ant pest control service. So next time you notice thousands of ants invading your bathroom cabinet or your jar of cookies, don't forget to call us on 1300 780 980

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