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The only pests that don’t just crawl but also make your skin crawl!

Spider Control MelbourneEver felt that chilling sensation when you spot a spider crawling on your clothesline or on your windowsill? We know exactly how that feels and we think the feeling must be inherent in everyone owing to the venomous quality of these creatures. Almost all of them are venomous but not all of them bite by principle.There are two types of spiders found in Australia-the webbing and the hunting types.

Why spiders are considered as a pest?

Get Rid of SpiderThe webbing types weave webs around your house and are easy to tackle when it comes to controlling them. The hunting types are the carefree ones who enter your house at their own will, wander in alone and are very difficult to spot. Here today, gone tomorrow. This nature of theirs makes spider control in Melbourne the toughest amongst all the pest controls. But some very effective treatments are available and they manage to get rid of these crawlies for a long time.

Harmful SpeciesEffective spider control requires the pesticides to enter their body and then kill them and hence it is essential to let them live on the web till the treatments are placed. Apart from these chemicals, some sprays are also used on the roof voids, around windows and door frames, brick work, fence lines, verandah, porch clothing lines, letter box and outdoor settings extensions - places where they can be found. As for the hunting species, special spider pest control measures are carried out around your vicinity to keep them well at bay.

Why Protech?

Although DIY measures are common, it is advisable to call for a spider control in Melbourne as it is difficult for a layman to differentiate the really harmful species. As a precautionary measure, make sure you dust your house thoroughly every fortnight. Despite this, if you spot a web, DO NOT destroy it! Let it be as is and call the experts on 1300 780 980. They will need the web to remain intact for the treatments to work effectively and will instruct you on when to get rid of the web. As for the creepy feeling, leave that to the professionals too. Our experts will ensure that it is replaced by the ever soothing peace of mind in no time.


I have been using Protech’s services for approximately 7 years now for spider treatments. I have a terrible phobia of spiders and when we moved into our new house and started noticing huge huntsmen inside and outside the house, I could not cope. My daughter was also bitten by a white tail spider and had a severe reaction, we later learnt she was allergic. I knew then something had to be done. Either we moved or they had to go. I then came across an ad for Protech and I thought I would give them a go. They were terrific.

Friendly staff, always on time and reasonably priced. They are very thorough and always careful with my furniture. They guarantee their work and are always happy to come back if you have any problems. And most importantly, l am now spider free and very happy. I always refer to Protech as Spiderman (my hero). I would highly recommend them.

Maria C

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