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Spider FAQ

Over 10,000 different kinds of spiders (also called arachnids) exist in Australia. Although most spider bites are venomous, the venom is usually only deadly to the insects they hunt. Nevertheless a few arachnids are harmful to humans, such as the Sydney Funnel Web, although no Australian has died of spider-bite since 1980.

Here are some of the commonest questions we get asked.

Spider Control FAQs

Q. How do I spot a spider infestation?

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Look out for these 4 signs:

  1. Dampness: This encourages insects. Some arachnids like it damp and cool, such as in basements.
  2. Insects: Too many insects in the house is a standing invitation to spiders.
  3. Cobwebs: That means the creatures have moved in, and are setting up home.
  4. Egg sacs: Well, these creatures have certainly moved in, and are breeding.

Q. How does one keep spiders from coming indoors?

  1. Turn off outdoor lights, such as in patios and yards, when not in use. These lights attract insects, which in turn attract their eight-legged predators.
  2. Eliminate bridges into your house, such as overhanging tree branches, garden shrubs touching your walls, etc.
  3. Remove cobwebs from outdoors, such as on eaves.

Q. How does one get rid of spiders from home?

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  1. Keep your home insect-free. Remove clutter, keep boxes packed neatly and clean out your trash regularly.
  2. Arachnids like hiding in clothes, so don't leave them lying around, and give them a good shake before wearing them. Ditto for shoes.
  3. Check your bed linen & sheets before going to bed.
  4. Seal cracks in walls, doors, windows etc. Plug any other gaps or holes from which arachnids can enter, such as the space between windows and their sills.
  5. Reduce or eliminate any potential harbourage, such as firewood piles.
  6. Clean out all webs with brooms. However, Do not clean out webs if they have been treated/baited for arachnid prevention.

Q. How does one get rid of spiders from an office or commercial building?

  1. Eliminate clutter
  2. Keep your stock organised and dust all shelves regularly.
  3. Remove all trash regularly, especially leftover food and crumbs

If you've done as above and still find arachnids inside your house or office, it's time to call a professional exterminator such as Protech Pest Control.

Q. Why is vacating the house recommended during spider control treatment?

This isn't always necessary. But if the arachnid infestation is severe, your pest removal technician may recommend extreme chemical treatment or misting. In such cases, we suggest that you vacate the house for 4-6 hours, allowing the chemicals to dry and fumes to dissipate.

Q. How often do you recommend arachnid treatment?

It's hard to say for it depends on the creatures. Though arachnid treatment is included in our general pest control services, you may need to call in an unscheduled visit if you find an arachnid infestation.

Q. Do you offer guarantees?

We'll be honest and say no Arachnids are different from other pests and cannot be controlled by preventive methods. There's no saying that removing a spider will not mean others won't come in.

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