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Melton is an urban area that is located only 35km west from the capital’s central business district. This makes it one of the most populated places in Victoria, Melbourne. Beginning as a small town that was then declared as a satellite city, this city accommodates a large number of homes and offices. Located on what once were volcanic plains, this suburb has seen great growth in recent years in regards to housing a number of businesses and properties.

Its continuous appetite for further growth makes it one of the most commuter-growth oriented suburbs. It is a common fact that pests are increasingly found where people are and the same applies to the city of Melton.

The number of such invasions in this suburb is known to be on the rise, constantly creating a threat to the health and homes of residents and commuters here. This raises a need for an exterminator service that can keep insects and other creepy crawlies at bay.

These creatures have been known to cause a number of allergies, health ailments and diseases over time while damaging the very foundations of built structures. This emphasizes the need for an exterminating service all the more.

What causes pest infestation at Melton? Which are the most common pests found?

Though Melton faces extreme weathers just like other parts of Melbourne and Australia, pests are known to find restitution in homes during bad weathers while thriving in climates that support their growth. Termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and wasps are part of its population that abide in Melton. These creatures are known to wreak havoc everywhere they go.

Why termite is most infestation in Melton?

The most common pest problem faced by residents and homeowners here is that of termites. These insects are known to indulge in destructive activities while deceiving homeowners about their very presence.

They are also known to damage the foundation and structure of properties while easily expanding their living quarters to other homes nearby. Being hidden most of the time, it becomes difficult to deal with these insects immediately and requires a trained eye to spot any activity of the same. A termite infestation cannot be ignored and needs attention in the form of an exterminator immediately for removal and control procedures.

Why termite is most infestation in Melton?

It is not a surprise that commercial areas need more inspections and control compared to residential areas. This is because they are more frequented than residential areas.

Insects are drawn to commercial areas due to dark spaces, waste as a food source, and vacancy during the night etc. They can also be carried into a commercial area on clothes, bags, delivery boxes etc. This makes commercial pest control a necessity for businesses in Melton.

Why Choose Protech Pest Control Melton?

HACCP Cert exp

Protech Pest Control is a renowned name in the field of pest removal and control services. Our team of highly qualified professionals caters to your every single problem easily.

These skilled professionals hold a license allowing them to practice services such as termite removal and termite control.

Our treatments are environment-friendly and adhere to the required Australian standards. You can count on us for quick and efficient services with 100% customer satisfaction.

We also aid your purchase procedures by offering services like pre-purchase building inspections that help you recognise the most concealed pest infestations.

Our termite prevention methods can help you avoid all instances of having an infestation again.

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Been using these guys for over 4 years and never seem to disappoint. Every time I've used their services I have never had to make a second phone call. Will continue to use later in the future 👍🏼

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