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Pest Control in Hoppers Crossing

Hoppers Crossing is one of Melbourne’s most beautiful suburbs, with the Skeleton Creek passing by it and the Cheetham wilderness not far away. However, this natural setting can also mean that there are more pests than usual here, so it pays to have a good understanding of keeping your home pest-free, as well as evaluating pest control agents.

The most common pests in Hoppers Crossing

Being close to wilderness, Hoppers Crossing faces a particular problem of termite infestation. It is also prone to infestation by rodents such as mice and rats. Apart from these, this suburb also sees frequent infestations of ants, cockroaches, beetles, wasps, spiders, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, mites, bed bugs, silverfish, and bats. Each species has its own method of removal, and we recommend that if you have a severe infestation, you should call in the pest removal experts.

Keeping your home pest-free

A few basic steps can ensure that your pest control problem never comes up in the first place:

Hygiene is the first step. Termites Muds
  1. Regularly cleaning your home, factory, warehouse or office premises ensures that most pests cannot get a foothold.
  2. Treat all spills as an emergency and wipe them clean with soap and water. This keeps flies away.
  3. Ensure you’re cleaning under furniture, especially sofas. This is where many bed bugs and find refuge.
  4. Keep the premises clutter-free.
Mind food safety and disposal.
  1. Always seal food after use, such as jams, pickles etc. Keep all other food in containers.
  2. Pick up food dropped on the floor and dispose it immediately.
  3. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. These particularly attract cockroaches.
  4. Change your bin liner bag every day.
Keep your pets pest-free.
  1. Many of them come into your home riding on your pets. Ensure your pets are bathed and brushed regularly.
Keep your house in good repair.
  1. Don’t let any entry for them from windows or doors, especially through gaps between the window/door and the floor or wall.
  2. Install fly screens for windows.
  3. Seal all cracks, especially in the basement, roof and attic.
Mind the garden and yard.
  1. Keep garden and potted plants trimmed. Branches touching your home act as bridges for them to walk in.
  2. Mow your lawns frequently.

Why Choose Protech pest control?

NPMA Certificte

We have a highly experienced team of licensed experts, along with the latest equipment such as sprays and pest control machines that adhere to the best industry and Victoria State standards. Our solutions are customised for your premises, long-lasting and eco-friendly, and proven to be non-toxic to children and pets.

We aim to help you rid your home of infestations with the minimum of disruption to your home life or business. After a control visit, we ensure there are follow-up visits by our experts, who will also educate you on how to prevent the pests from coming again. We also do emergency visits.

Call us from anywhere in Wyndham and Hoppers Crossing on 1300 780 980.

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