Cockroach FAQ
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Cockroach FAQ

It's said that cockroaches can survive a nuclear explosion. But they cannot survive a well-planned pest control operation, so it pays to pay attention to their biology and behaviour, to keep your home or office cockroach-free.

Here are some of the commonest questions Melbourners ask us:


Cockroach in Kitchen

Q. Does baiting cockroaches work effectively?

Done properly, they do. Cockroach baits need to be placed at the right places, where the insects can get at them. Baiting works even if just a few are tempted, for they will spread the poison among their fellow critters. However, baits alone may not be enough.

Q. What other treatments are needed?

Chemical treatments that sanitise cockroach refuges, such as spraying insecticide inside crevices that harbour roaches ensure that the insects are flushed out and prevented from getting back into them.

Q. Why do cockroaches keep coming back?

Cockroaches need warm, damp places, which are found in plenty inside Melbourne's homes and office. That makes them a persistent pest. A full cockroach treatment ensures not only sanitising your home from the inside, but also examining the exterior of your premises to check for entry points and outside refuges.

Q. What are the common signs of cockroach infestation in home?

Being nocturnal, cockroaches can be difficult to spot. With their flat bodies, they hide with ease and can quickly breed into an infestation. These signs will tell you if you have an infestation at hand:

cockroach control melbourne
  1. Cockroach faeces: smaller cockroaches produce faeces that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper while the larger sized ones leave behind cylindrical-shaped faeces.
  2. A foul musty smell: the area will have a musty, stale odour.
  3. Spotting on cockroaches/wings/legs: if they’ve taken over your home you just might spot a stray cockroach wandering and that should be reason enough to call for pest control.


Q. Why is it important to know the species?

Different species require different pest control techniques. Smaller cockroach species nest within the house, in damp, dark places, and need greater attention from the pest control service. Larger cockroaches usually live outside, but will keep coming into buildings for warmth and moisture. Preventive measures work better for them.

Q. What are the common species in Melbourne?

Small cockroaches:

  1. German (Blattella germanica)
  2. Oriental (Blatta orientalis)

Large cockroaches:

  1. American (Periplaneta americana)
  2. Australian (Periplaneta australasiae)
  3. Smoky brown (Periplaneta fuliginosa)

Q. How do you remove small cockroaches?

With experience and persistence. Small cockroaches are tough - they live and breed prolifically in damp corners of your house - like bathroom roofs, under kitchen sinks, in cracks etc. Off-the-shelf products may get rid of the few roaches that you may see, but they can't remove the infestation because the insects come out only in the dark.

Protech Pest Control deals with them by identifying refuge sites and baiting them, so that most cockroaches are tempted out. If necessary, further chemical treatments are applied.

Q. How do you remove American cockroaches?

While they don't usually breed inside homes, large cockroaches thrive in places like sewers, boiler rooms and basements. The best way to deal with them is to identify refuges and treat them with chemical sprays.

More important is to take preventive measures as follows:

Cockroach Pest Control
  1. Have all parts of the house well-aired and dry, including basements and attics.
  2. If you store firewood, keep it dry and covered with plastic.
  3. Destroy all potential nesting sites, like brick or lumber piles.
  4. Ensure that there are no potential bridges from neighbouring homes to yours.
  5. Seal all cracks or other gaps that allows roaches from outside to come in.

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